Effective complementary therapies are available for babies and children that provide a natural, gentle and non-invasive solution to issues that can arise in childhood.  Each has its own unique, theoretically based, technique and can be highly effective for a range of conditions, dependent on the severity and length of ailment or disorder.

Aromatherapy, massage and reflexology have been found to enhance general health and well-being, as well as having curative effects on many childhood illnesses.  These therapies can also generally assist with the development of the child’s mind and body in a natural, holistic way. Treatments can also help to pre-empt the expected issues in childhood, such as teething, growing pains or helping children through the more minor injuries than can arise. 

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat states of mind involved in bed-wetting, school phobia, confidence issues, stress, revision and exam techniques, as well as sports and performance improvement.  Hypnotherapy is available for children aged eight and above (as it is generally thought ineffective prior to this age due to the stage of brain development).

It is essential to seek medical advice first for serious health conditions and consent to proceed with complementary therapies; however these therapies can be of great assistance with the side effects of some medical interventions.
Children and care providers can be taught the basic techniques in self-help format to use as required.

If you are uncertain as to which treatment is best for your child, then please contact me for a free, confidential conversation for guidance.  For example, whilst all of the treatments available can be excellent for addressing sleep issues, a free initial conversation can take into account the child’s personality and agree what would be the best way forward for them.