Welcome to the Reflexions website.

Since my professional training over 30 years ago to become a clinical hypnotherapist, I have gained a wealth of experience through helping people change their lives for the better.  I am also qualified in massage therapy, aromatherapy and reflexology, as well as completing study to become a stress management, and relaxation consultant.  I also have a basic teaching qualification which helps me to teach and coach clients the skills needed to continue with their programme after treatment.  With a lifelong interest in improving my knowledge and skills, I recently graduated with an honours degree in psychology. In addition to helping people improve their lives with these techniques, I also have a strong interest in helping people conquer phobias, address sleep issues and develop performance improvement.

I provide therapies for a wide range of conditions, offering tailor-made, confidential programmes which give natural, long-term, lasting benefits by using a range of proven and highly successful techniques that can overcome the many issues people suffer with.
I have benefited personally from all the treatments that I offer, which has assisted greatly with my own health, and can recommend them highly through the difference they have made to my own life.  I find it hugely rewarding working with people to maximise their mental and physical health and care passionately about helping every one of my over 3,000 clients, from all walks of life, to find a way to good health, better quality-of-life and fulfilment. And in some cases a total transformation. 

I look forward to meeting or hearing from you soon.