Free initial consultation:  A 30-minute free initial consultation is available for hypnotherapy to discuss your needs and explain how the therapy works.


Hypnotherapy:  £65 per session.  Five sessions for £300, ten for £600.  A free recording of your session is included.


Relaxation sessions:  £40 per session.  A free recording of your session is included.


Reflexology:  £40 per session.


Aromatherapy:  £45 per session.


Massage therapy:  £40 per session.


Back, neck and shoulders massage:  £25 per session. 


Aromatherapy, facial & head massage:  £25 per session.


Stress Management:  £65 per session.  A free recording of your session is included.


Confidence Coaching: £65 per session.


Smoking Cessation Course:  £240, this includes an initial 1½ hour session, followed by sessions where required to monitor and reinforce the process.


Telephone Coaching:  £65 per hour or £45 per ½ hour, depending on the nature of the issue and the degree of support needed.


Outside Therapy:  £365 per ½ day.  In some instances, clients feel on site support is needed during the actual incidence of an issue, for example in the case of phobias such as driving or vertigo.  You will have my undivided attention and support for half a day (up to 4 hours) which is purely devoted to guiding and helping you to overcome the problem.


For Organisations:  The fee for group coaching or training days is between £700-£1,000.  For individuals coaching or training the fee is £125 per consultation, to include initial assessment, provision of and help with 'homework' as appropriate.  In Central London the fee for individuals referred by their organisation is £160 per consultation. One hour consultations are available at £200; this includes support between consultations via email, telephone or Skype.


Medical Conditions:  Should you suspect a medical problem, please make sure you contact your doctor in the first instance, as medical assistance may be necessary.  A consultation form will be completed at your first session, so please bring details of any medications with you.


Cancellation and payments:  Please allow 24 hours’ notice prior to cancelling any appointment or the full session fee will be required.  Payment can be made on the day by cash or cheque, or in advance by bank transfer.


Gift Vouchers:  These are available on request