Confidence Coaching


Coaching for life, confidence, performance and success.

Confidence coaching uses a wide range of tools and techniques to enable people to overcome issues, raise expectations, challenge beliefs and mind-sets to improve your life and bring about a change in attitude and behaviour to achieve fulfilment. It helps you build your ideal life, whether you need motivation to reach a specific goal, boost your self-esteem and confidence, or to improve business performance.

It can also help you to overcome difficulties with moving through those sometimes challenging stages of life such as:

  • Leaving home

  • Getting married

  • Children starting school or leaving home

  • Divorce

  • Redundancy

  • The menopause

  • Changing Career or starting a business

  • Retirement

  • Bereavement

  • Moving on from illness or traumas

  • Perhaps you just feel lost and want to get back on track

On a Personal perspective, helps find meaning to your life, builds confidence and self-esteem, often helping you to reorganise your life to be more fulfilling. It assesses and addresses what is holding you back, especially when you have reached a crossroads in your life, inspiring, supporting and enabling you to improve your life and future. It can guide you through major changes, giving you direction, purpose and motivation to create the life that you want and to achieve a greater sense of well-being.

Confidence coaching doesn’t aim to resolve past issues, but starts from where you are now and where you would like to be… It challenges and raises your self-awareness, supports and motivates you, using an emotional support framework, enabling you to adopt a more balanced and positive outlook for yourself and your life. It does this by developing an action plan for reaching your goals through regular sessions to help keep you focused and motivated.

In Business confidence issues can be dealt with to improve and deal effectively with urgent concerns such as public speaking, lecturing, interviews and meetings along with increasing focus, motivation and performance. One to one coaching also assists with making important career decisions to advance your career and professional development.
From a Corporate point of view, relaxed staff are much more productive than stressed ones. In-house stress management, hypnotherapy, relaxation sessions and confidence coaching can help staff at all levels of a companyl reduce stress and anxiety, improving their health and reducing days off sick thereby increasing creativity and productivity. Smoking Cessation can also be provided for staff who require it. Corporate therapy can take the form of either a half day visit to your place of work regularly or subsidised sessions at the Reflexions consultation room.

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