Relaxation sessions are therapeutic and restorative for those who are tired, run down, stressed or exhausted. They give you the opportunity to deeply relax and switch off from the outside world for a brief while and to recharge your batteries, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and re-motivated. For just an hour, you can relax and switch off in stillness and quiet, whilst be guided through the session to reconnect with your body and calm your mind.

Relaxation is a skill that can be learnt and taking time out of your busy day to rest, renew and recharge, relieves the effects of negative stress, reduces tension and can boost energy and motivation. In everyday life it is beneficial to lie in peace and stillness to relax and heal after illness, surgery, pregnancy and stressful times in your life and is suitable for everyone and beneficial to both adults and children alike.

Regular relaxation sessions will deepen your level of awareness and ability to switch off more quickly and easily, along with deeper muscular relaxation and a heightened ability to become less susceptible to stress. It also gives you the opportunity to practice the different relaxation techniques available, assisting you in discovering one best suited to you, such as mindful breathing, visual imagery or progressive muscle release.

In your working life relaxation sessions boost your concentration, memory and productivity and can lead to either a positive start to the day, de-stressing or recharging your batteries at lunchtime or unwinding after a busy day. It additionally reduces muscle tension, general fatigue, headaches and insomnia. 

A Relaxation Programme can also be aimed at teaching techniques and skills to reduce long-term anxiety, stress and mild depression. It can help people to cope in a better way and over time a regular relaxation practice can produce a general feeling of well-being that benefits many different areas of life including lowering blood pressure, lessening anxiety and improving sleep.

A relaxation program is available for either private individual sessions, group sessions or corporate sessions in the workplace, so please enquire for further details.