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I offer Skype, Facetime and phone sessions for those who are prevented from attending face to face sessions with me, this caters for those with an illness, disability, distance or time constraints. In some cases working together exclusively by Skype and phone is best, this is also an option. Available booking times align with GMT / BST currently, however, I can accommodate out of hours times upon request.

Remote sessions are flexible, convenient and cost-effective for the following therapies: hypnotherapy, stress management, relaxation and confidence coaching. Initial consultation forms will be sent in advance once the date and time have been agreed. We then go through the form in the session to assist in determining the goals you would like to achieve.

If you would prefer counselling coaching where you feel most at ease, whether that’s in your own home, your office or where you feel most comfortable, please don’t hesitate to let me know/include it on your consultation form.


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