Sports Improvement


Hypnosis is an invaluable tool that can harness the power of the mind to enhance performance in all sports. Many top athletes along with everyday sports men and women have learned to use its techniques to boost their performance giving a permanent change in their chosen field. It provides athletes with mental and emotional skills to produce the best performance possible and to improve motivation, confidence, physical and mental health, along with eliminating any negative habits and self -beliefs, fears of failure or blocks to success. 

Many successful sportsmen and women recognise that the mind plays a significant role in performance and this can be harnessed to improve all aspects of sport. Additionally, through mental rehearsal and imagery techniques the body learns how to move and how to create physical changes to perform to the best of their ability, increase speed and improve skills. It can also aid recovery, therefore lessening the recovery time from injury.

Areas that are often needed to be addressed are anxiety before a game, improving aim, strength, endurance, performance and technique, as well as focusing on a particular part of their game that they feel is holding them back. Other issues addressed include a drop in performance, eliminating bad habits developed over time, plus overcoming anxiety and apprehension before a game or competition and after an injury or particular incident.

Additionally we aim to increase determination and commitment to stick to training, detach yourself from distractions, eliminate fear and anxiety prior to an event or match. We also aim to overcome limiting self-belief, low self-esteem and blocks that have arisen over time.

A Hypnotherapy initial consultation will include a personally designed, extensive, problem focused, systematic assessment to identify the issues or problems, whether they be physical, technical, psychological or tactical. This would then lead onto a course of hypnotherapy to help you to achieve the best results in the quickest time possible by using a combination of hypnosis and psychological visualisation and imagery techniques to improve performance and increased focus, motivation and determination to overcome the issues that have arisen or to develop a state of mind to achieve a peak performance in your chosen field.

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