Hypnotherapy provides a very effective, brief, painless and lasting phobia cure. Most individuals who experience life disrupting, sudden, intense, extreme or irrational fear or aversion when confronted with a phobic stimulus need 3-5 sessions. It is successful whether it is a specific phobia, such as irrational fear of an animal, item or activity such as spiders, injections, water or flying, or a social phobia such as performance fears, speaking in public or in social situations. Whilst many people find the numerous phobias to be illogical and cannot understand the difference between anxiety, fear and phobia, it is often a debilitating and life altering condition for many, especially when accompanied by the additional symptoms of phobic response such as dizziness, palpitations, blushing, sickness
and shortness of breath.


Phobias are individual to each person and a course of treatment is designed specifically for the client, dependent on the length and depth of phobia and severity of the symptoms suffered.

A course of hypnotherapy treatment involves deep muscle relaxation and guided visualisation in order to heighten suggestibility and therefore remove or make the phobia manageable in order to prevent future relapse. I do not use the unpopular exposure-based therapy as in over 30 years of studying and researching phobias I have found that it only serves to frighten the majority of people further, deterring them from seeking therapy.

The aim of this treatment is to discover the cause and triggers of your phobias and fears, which in some cases can be a natural response and survival instinct no longer needed. It also aims to rationalise the strong avoidance behaviour associated with them and extinguish the often disabling reaction to them. More recent and sometimes simpler phobias can be dealt with in around three sessions, but more complex, severe or long-term phobias will take longer. If you’re phobia is affecting your quality of life and would like help to overcome it or if more information is required, please contact me for a free initial consultation.