swedish massage


Therapeutic massage is an ancient remedy recognised worldwide for its health enhancing effects. It uses a range of massage techniques to address aches, pains and many other health issues, facilitating the body’s own healing powers. It enhances general well-being and health, and along with a curative aspect it can be used for relaxation and health maintenance. In addition to the well-known benefits of relaxation, improved circulation and muscle tension, it is increasingly found to be beneficial for mental, emotional and spiritual well-being for people of all ages.
Other benefits of therapeutic massage are that it enhances general health and well-being, promotes well-nourished and healthy skin, improves circulation of blood and lymph, relaxes muscle and promotes joint mobility, improves immune system functioning and aids overall general relaxation. Massage also helps increase cell regeneration and improves the health of your skin by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles and unwanted skin conditions such as acne, eczema and cellulite.

It alleviates many problem conditions such as those encountered by having a physical job, sedentary job or by spending long hours travelling. It also helps relieve tension headaches, back pain, joint pain and reduces the effects of stress and anxiety. Additionally other unique physical and mental challenges such as pregnancy, baby and childhood conditions, plus the many challenges faced by the disabled and elderly can be eased.
Furthermore, massage can be used to support your sports and fitness programs, by helping to achieve performance goals with the minimum of injury and pain. It helps with improved flexibility and preparation for performance, as well as with speeding up recovery and subsequent relief of tired and sore muscles.

Massage can help improve and correct imbalances associated with repetitive movements and postures, whether from general aches and pains from daily life, work, hobbies or specific sports relate injuries, massage with its profound mental and physical stress reducing effects, is one way to help prepare your body in readiness for sport and exercise and for helping the body repair afterwards. Regular muscle and tissue maintenance massages are also available to keep on top of any ongoing aches and pains, as are pre and post event massages. 

To discuss your needs and health goals or for any further information with regards to which therapeutic massage would be most beneficial for you, please contact me.