Aromatherapy is the application of pure essential oils which have been extracted and distilled from plants, trees and flowers with medicinal properties. These enter our bodies in a variety of ways, but are generally blended with natural base oils and applied to the body by a series of gentle massage techniques to help improve physical and psychological conditions and  to rejuvenate and regenerate the body.

At each session a personalised blend of essential oils will be prepared and applied through a combination of deeply relaxing massage techniques, enabling them to be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream to be distributed around the body to promote healing. All essential oils have their own unique healing properties, some are used for relieving stress or anxiety disorders by enhancing mood and lifting depression, others stimulate the body and improve circulation.

Essential oils are extremely effective at rejuvenating the body’s tissues, improving the elasticity of the skin, promoting elimination of dead skin cells and increasing the production of new ones. The pure oils are cleansing and detoxifying and are extremely effective at dispelling water retention.


This is a very gentle and relaxing treatment, with various massage techniques aiding the absorption of the aromatherapy oils into the skin, enhancing the distribution throughout the body to achieve maximum results. 

It also stimulates the function of circulatory system, improves the flow of the lymphatic system to aid elimination of waste products, along with relieving muscle aches and pains and alleviating tension and stress. The many essential oils available have different effects and benefits upon the body, some gentle and some more powerful, making them not only suitable for sports injuries but for babies, those with ongoing health conditions and the elderly. 

There are many conditions that aromatherapy can treat such as headaches, hormonal imbalances, stress, water retention, joint pains, back pain etc. Aromatherapy is a very comprehensive natural therapy and is the only treatment that combines remedies with hands-on therapy and in addition the combination of aromas of oils heightening the enjoyable experience and further aiding relaxation.

You do not have to be unwell to consult an aromatherapist, many people find that sleep patterns and energy levels improve from an aromatherapy massage, as well as having a more relaxed mind and body.

If you would like more information on whether aromatherapy could help your particular condition or would be of benefit to you, please contact me to discuss any specific health issues, a treatment plan or to book a course of treatment.